The secret death..........

by Dominic S, Age 10 , Grade 4

It is a bad day in 2007. My family had all gathered around the picture of my dad earlier today.  My dad died a year ago in New York City. Before he died he said that I had to go look in the side of the basement. Today I finally did and found that there was a small hidden door.

But before I could move it I had to do the dishes. When I was done I hurried down and moved the washer machine.WOW.I thought in my head, because when I open the door there was a weird glass and metal machine man.  I was amazed.

Just then here comes my annoying sister. I try to hide it but you know girls they have to know everything.

“What is that?”  She asked. 

“Really I have no clue,” I said. 

She had to see the lever. “Push it push it,” she yelled. 


“You’re just a chicken! I hear a chicken, bock bock!”

“I am not a CHICKEN!”


“ If you stop I will do it,” I said, “3 2 1!” As Soon as I pushed it down it zapped me.

The next day when I go to school I start being really mean and grumpy.I did not feel tired. When my friend comes over all I said was shut up.

“Sorry sorry,” I said, but he was really mad at me. 

I stomped down stairs when I got home.What did this thing do? When I take a closer look there was a name on the back I could barely see.  It says my dad made it.  Man it seems like it has been down here for a long time.Soon as I dust it off it says that it was made in a laboratory in 1998.What is it?

“Mom you have some explaining to do tonight.”

“Well yes your dad was a scientist but how did find this?”

“ before dad died he told me to look there.”

“Did you get zapped! “

“Well yes,sorry”

“ why were you messing with it?”

“I don’t know sorry.”

“I know just the person to help you.”


 His name is Rich Poleman he is  a scientist that works for the EYU in the state lab he could help you.How he knows a lot of things like this,but he will need your help.  can you do it. I will try to help.  I will call him now! He will need some of your DNA. I hope this works.

I’m here.

Thank God you’re here.

My son got zapped by that ray machine. 

Can you help

yes in deed. 

Now what is your name young boy


well hi Landon


Well first I have to get your DNA sample


OW that hurt

I did not say it would not in hurt

no duh. 

Haha funny. 

When will we be done making this?

Maybe in a week

that is a relief.

Let’s get working!

Well first we will make a ray gun.  when we are done with that we will put your DNA in then slot and boom all you will need is a ton of water to drink. 

why do I need  ton of water 

because you might get dehydrated when it zaps you.

Were will we make it? 

In my lab why would not

well I kind of have school 

well you can take a vacation when you’re  there.

But my mom will have to agree with you

I know she will. 

Well let’s get on the road 

how far away is it 

only 45 more minutes until we are there.  trust me you will have so much fun we can get free pizza and a chocolate fountain


and do not forget about free indoor pool.  there is diving areas to dive in.  every day there is a huge water balloon fight so when we get there get ready to fight. 

I am always ready.

Ok we are here.  it is very calm water balloon fight. 

ow they got me 

Landon help me. 

Now it is the time to work now let do it . 

Ok Landon give me that wrench


now I need that board 

ok here

that is all for today let’s go get some pizza. 

This is the best pizza ever

time for bed did you know how your dad died


he was working on a ray gun to help the government but he gave it to the wrong person and he tried to get help but he got zapped

sorry That he died my dad  died to by a death ray.

Wake up body

last night I could not sleep so I made it

let’s go get breakfast

what is for breakfast


YAY! I love pancakes. 

Well let’s eat all of them now! 

I can’t eat any more pancakes.

Well let’s go to the pool 


. Let’s go on the diving board

ok but it is pretty high 

your fin 

ok let’s goooooooooo!!!

Wow that was really really fun can we do it again always.

Now let’s get dried off. Now what let’s go to my lab


Ok now step in the machine


there 3  2 1 go! 

What the heck it did not work what now tonight I will have to rebuild it darn.

Ok tonight we will have burritos for dinner

I am ok with that.

Ok boretoes are hot and ready let’s eat some food 

wow that was pretty delicious.

Now let’s go to bed

ok ok fin. 

Tonight I will have good dreams mostly about my dad I wish he was here. At least I have my mom. 

Good night.

Raise and shine.  please step in the machine.  ok here we go... 3 2 1!  It worked!

yes it worked I feel much better now.  let’s see my mom. 

Hi mom I am all better now

I so proud of you Landon 

Then we all celebrated  with good old pizza I did it!

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