The Breif Case gymnasts

by Lorin H, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

        Hi, I am Kami Kinter.  I am 10 years old.  I have an older sister Maddi, Mom and Dad. I live on Kinter Road. 
      “Mom do we have to move?” I said. 
      “Yes, for the millionth time!” 
       “But all my friends are here!” I said. 
       “Our new house is bigger,” said mom.   
       “Hay what is going on down here?” Dad said, “Maddi is sleeping.”
     “I love gymnastics!” I said as I walked into the gym.
      “Hi Kami,” said Katie.  She is my gymnastics teacher.
       “Hi,” I said.  
       I learned everything but Maddi tripped me 10 times.
        “Ouch!” I said.    
          I sprained my wrist.  I stayed home for 5 weeks.  I forgot everything.  I tried to remember but she forgot.   She had to stop taking gymnastics. 
     “She could have been on tv,” Katie said.
     “O well,” Maddi said.  
      “Fine I will stop, I said.  
     “What could I do?”I said.  “I stopped my favorite thing!”
      “Are you mad at me?”  Maddi said.  
      “Duh!”  I said.
       “Is that a yes or a no?”  Maddi said.  
        “Yes! I am mad at you! I yelled. 
         “Hey I thought of something,” Maddi said.  “Let’s make gymnastics in a briefcase.”   
          “Ya!” I said.
     I learned gymnastics again.  But Maddi helped me.  People stopped and gave me money.  
      Katie came and said, “You’re better than me.”  People even wanted the BriefCase Gymnasts.  “Well we better start making,” Maddi said. 
        “Yes!” I said

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