The robot

by Derek C , Grade 4

One day in Pittsburgh there live a young inventor named Joe.  He lives with his family his mom, dad, brother Bob, and  sister Mandy. But there is a problem, none of his family likes inventing things. 
  One day he was in his his room inventing bang boom. 
  “I have finally created its a robot that can help me with my inventing”says Joe. 
 A few days later it became more than something to help invent. It was a friend and the robot even flys him places.
 But one day the power went off and the robot needs to charge.  if he runs out of battery he can charge it but it won’t remember Joe. Joe had a idea.  he had a generator, but he couldn’t find a cord.  he found one, but he knew it was his dads and his Dad  didn’t want anyone to touch it. 
Joe doesn’t care if he gets in trouble to save a friend. He took the cord plugged it into the generator and the robot just before the robot ran out of battery. And the robot and Joe are still friends to this day.

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