Who Invented The First Soccer

by Cooper D, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

    The first soccer was not invented till the 1800’s but soccer balls were first invented in the time of the Indians and King Tut. Early soccer balls ranged from human heads, animal and human skulls to pig or cow guts. Eventually the guts were covered with leather for better shape. Charles Goodyear first invented the first rubber soccer ball.A man named Lindon, his wife died from blowing up too many animal guts. 
    Soccer is played with one soccer ball, one goaltender, defensive, three center mids, and three offensive you are all spread across the field. When you score a goal your team gets one point and you restart to where you originally were. When you’re not playing you’re sitting on the bench cheering on your team. My team seems not to be able to do, instead they kick other balls and mess around.  After the game is over you say gg or good game. 

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