The awesome tractor!

by Dominic P, Age 10 , Grade 4

There was a giant beef cattle they lived in Fort Worth, Texas and a 12 year old kid named Gavin he had a brother sister and Mom and Dad they had  three tractors and the best one was a red shiney Case tractor.  It was Gavin’s favorite tractor of the three. It was used for lifting hay bales and feeding the cows.
   Cohen loved feeding the cows but one day when the tractor was lifting hay bales  the bucket of the tractor fell down hard and smashed to the ground and his Dad came running down the hill. 
   His Dad said, “What happened Cohen?”
   Cohen said, “We were lifting hay bales and it came crashing down.”
   Then his Dad said, “Take it to the workshop.” The workshop was huge.   It had every tool In the world it was where they fixed their tractors and other machines Fixing tractors was Gavin’s favorite thing to do.
  Gavin wanted to fix the tractor so bad so he said, “Dad can I fix the tractor?” His Dad said he could and Gavin was so happy.
   He wanted to get started but then his Mom yelled, “Time for dinner!” So, Gavin would start In the morning.
   After breakfast he want to the workshop and started. He found out what happened the thing that controls the bucket on tractor snapped and Gavin had to get a lot of tools he made the bucket ten times stronger.
    It could lift 3,000 pounds and 1,000 hay bales Gavin’s Dad was super proud that Gavin had made the farm a lot easier to handle Cohen was impressed so was Emily and his Mom. 
     Gavin died 70 years later and still lives In tractors.

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