The pokedexatron

by Matt E, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

The pokedexatron

By:Matt Evans 

Part 1 The invention 

School had just ended and summer began Dave,Alexis,and Ash were neighbors. So  Ash and Alexis decided to ride their bikes to Dave’s house. When they got there they Dave was in the basement working on a experiment it was that turned things into Pokémon cards. He was about to test it when Alexis and Ash came downstairs. 

“What’s up” Ash said. “I’m just working on a experiment that turns stuff into Pokémon cards” Dave said. “I can demonstrate it for you on this mirror ” Dave said. “OK” Alexis said. Dave chose pikachu on the scanner he blasted it at the mirror it deflected and hit him and turned him into a pikachu. Alexis immediately saw him as Pikachu and you could know it Alexis was hugging him because he was so cute. Ash ran up and grabbed the pokedexatron pointed it at the mirror and said my turn. There was a flash and then they saw him as a bulbasaur. Alexis immediately started to laugh because he had a bulb on his back. Ash said “it’s not funny” then slapped her with one of his vines. “What was that for” Alexis said. Then she grabbed the pokedexatron a shot it at the mirror and she turned into a squirtle. She went into her shell and said “you can’t whip me”. “But I can spin you” Ash said. Then Ash spun Alexis around and around. Then she yelled “stop”. So Dave stopped she kind of wobbled over to the trash can and then barfed. Then the earth began to shake we ran up stairs saw it…...

Part 2 The problem 

A army of charmanders and most of the town was on fire and at the top of the building was throne with a charizard sitting on it. “How did this happen” Ash said. “Look at the volcano” Alexis said. Tons of charmanders were walking out of it. “We have to stop this” I said. We ran down the road to town.  There in front of the gate to town was five charmanders. I used electroball and exploded the gates with the charmanders. We ran threw the town to town square with the charizard sitting on a thrown.  Below him were at least fifty charmanders bowing and saying “all hail king charizard”. Then he spotted us and said “well well well look who came a pikachu, a squirtle, and a bulbasaur you think you can stop a charizard and a army of charmanders and if you think you can win you definitely can’t”. “I think we can” I said. “Ok then charmanders attack” the charizard said. Then all fifty charmanders were charging at us. 

We all started to charge to. I used electric turane to make me even stronger. I used electroball to take out 6 of the charmanders. Alexis used whirlpool and sent 4 charmanders into the side of a building. Ash used storm and soon all the other charmanders were swirling around in it and carried them out of town. Then the roared in frustration and said “I have had enough of you 3”. Then he used fireball Ash caught it with his vines and hurled it back at the charizard went flying into the  volcano then it collapsed all the unconscious charmanders disappeared. Then we noticed people were were watching us through the windows so we ran out of town back my house. We used the pokedexatron to turn us back to people. One day later………

“Wow yesterday was the best day ever” Alexis said. “I agree with you” Dave said. “Guys look” Ash said.  There in the center of town was a statue of them as Pokémon. 

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