The Big Move

by Morgan H , Grade 4

                            Ok so this  is the one thing that  changed my life. Ok I know I might sound a little crazy but I am going to be an inventor.        
              So you do not want to hear that so I am going to the pool.  It was one hot day in Florida and me and my sister were going to the pool and we were having fun I know the pool is always fun bake to the pool. And my sister Ella is 14 and I am 12 and my name is Emma and Ella is a lot older and when we got lunch my mom called and said she has some news so we came home. And my mom told both of use that we are moving to Mexico. And do not get me wrong or anything and I love the worm weather and when we got to Mexico and I told my sister that I was going to be an inventor.                             
         And my sister is 14 years what all my sister did was going to say ya right. So then I went around my sisters room and tuck all her things. Out of her room I need it.  So after that I had to name my mashen I will name it the  Emma 302 and you might be wondering what this does. So this mashen makes cookies  that only take 2 min and some people will want it and other people will just stare at it. And when my sister saw here room emty she was not too happy with me.  And I showed her what I made and she was not happy when I told her that is what I made out of her thing. And if you did not know I am in Mexico and then came my birthday I got a bunch of things I got money and other things.
                             So that is the story of how my life got changed. 

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