The Flying Shoes!

by Ella C, Age 10 , Grade 4, PENNSYLVANIA

The flying shoes
   Little Christine so badly wanted to fly, so she made it work!
     One sunny, bright day in the summer, she went to ask her
mom if she could fly. Her mom, knowing it’s impossible to fly,
said no. So little Christine went up to her room and started playing with her dog,
Fluff. He is a really tiny and cute white terrier. Soon she thought of a great idea!
    Little Christine thought of making shoes that could fly!!! So she grabbed Fluff, almost choking him, and ran outside to make the shoes. She got some shoes that fit her, and got some left over fireworks that she used for 4th of July, put them at the bottom of the shoes, and then after that she got a lighter and lit the fire works. Then she started floating!
Big Problem!
  Her mom head fluff barking and came running out because fluff doesn’t bark on a daily basis. And that’s when she noticed, 
Christine had learned how to FLY!!! Her mom ran from house to house in the neighborhood asking everybody if they had seen her little girl, Christine. Finally,
she looked up and … there she was! Mom drove to the airport as quick as possible, got tickets, and boarded a private plane.
Mom To The Rescue!
    It was a shocker! Her mom paid 15,000 dollars to get a private plane to get her daughter! She took off in the plane, flew it to their house was, and there she was, Little Christine. She was shouting out to mom saying,  “Mom, mom, come get me.” Her mom flew the plane to her, and saved her daughter!
Later That Year…
   Later that year after Christine turned nine, she and her mom edited the flying shoes and made them the most popular shoes in the world!! Christine later became famous and was put on 
By the time Christine was 23 she owned a mansion and had a wonderful boyfriend she wanted to get married to! 

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