The Life of John Froelich

by Tucker B, Age 10 , Grade 4, PENNSYLVANIA

Life Events

John Froelich was born on November 24,1849 in Froelich,Iowa.He went to high school in Illinois and went to the college of Iowa.In 1892 he and his blacksmith Will Mann made the first gas powered tractor. Sadly he died on May 24,1933.


In 1892 the first gas powered tractor was built by John Froelich and his blacksmith Will Mann.  Henry Ford produced his first gasoline-powered tractor in 1907 under the directions of chief engineer Joseph Galamb. The Frick Company was located in Waynesboro,Pennsylvania. George Frick started his business in 1853 and built steam engines well into the 1940’s. The Frick Company was also well known for sawmills and refrigerate units. J.I. Case’s first pioneering effects at producing a gas traction engine date back to 1894,or maybe earlier to when William Paterson of Stockton,California came to Racine to make an experimental engine for case.

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