The Supercomputer In Your Pocket

by Hayden C, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

      Did you know that there is a super computer in your pocket? If you didn’t, then I’ll tell you it’s your iPhone! These days iPhones are more powerful than the ones that they used to put the first man on the moon! Former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs was the creator of Apple ,and the iPhone.
     Steve was born February, 24, 1955 in San Francisco but was put up for adoption due to family issues. At an early age Steve knew that he was adopted but he didn’t really care he was, that made him feel special, but many of Steve’s friends said that was one of the things that defined him, made him want to control the things around him.
     Steve got into Electronics and building things from his father he was a mechanic. One of Steve’s memories is of his father is of him buying a beat up ford falcon for 50 dollars and fixing it and selling it for 250. Steve Jobs started Apple he was 21 years old with Steve Wozniak. Made in 1976 in Steve’s garage the first Apple computer was not a successful product at all.
    But a year later the two Steves created their first success,the Apple 2. This is the computer that really launched Apple into success. Apple went public December twelfth 1980 and made millions but due to company issues they lost most of the money. In 1985 Steve Jobs was pushed out of the company,and that was Apple’s worst time they were close to bankruptcy. While Apple was almost gone Steve made billions! He bought Pixar from Lucasfilm and founded NeXT and he sold Pixar to Disney for over 7 billion! Then Apple asked him back in 1997 and Steve revived Apple.
In 2007 Steve made the first iPhone, and the technology world exploded. But four years later Steve Jobs sadly passed away of cancer.
     But today the iPhone has over ten different versions and there are iPads,iPods,iMacs, and iPhones. In 2011 Apple was deemed the most valuable company in the world. Today Apples net worth is 910 billion and Apple might be the first trillion dollar company.
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson 

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