Money Madness

by Ethan P, Age 10 , Grade 4

It was a dry sunny afternoon in Los Angeles, California.  One young boy was about to compete in the L.A soccer tournament. Nelson McNug was quite good at soccer but today he was under pure pressure. First quarter of the game; their team, the Lazers, get the ball.  Nelson makes a swift pass to Charlie another wonderful soccer player. He shoots-he scores! Charlie got this goal but they agreed to let Nelson get the next shot. The second and third quarters pass by under pressure always one or two points down until now they’re tied.
     It’s forty-five to forty-five with twelve seconds left.  “Eleven ten nine eight seven six five...” the crowd chanted. Nelson decided to make the shot while only at center field, but he was determined. “Pop!” The ball zipped through the air. Nelson froze in shock... the goalie missed his finger, just missed!  The ball went straight into the net.
 “Hooray!” the crowd cheered. He imagined remaking this shot sometime in the future when he would be playing for L.A Galaxy.
       After the tournament he thought for a while and said to himself,“When I’m a soccer player like Ronaldo how much money will I make?” Then he thought... oh he thought hard... until he exclaimed, “I could invent something that can make legal money for everyone!”
       After all the excitement died down he was ready. He studied different machines that create different objects and materials. Nelson always kept notes on everything in school,  at home,  even at soccer! Nelson knew this was going to be the next big thing.  He sent a letter to the U.S Government asking for permission to make the money machine. 
     He was psyched about the invention but he had to keep his cool down or he might implode with happiness. Then the letter came from the Government about the brilliant invention. The note said, “to the child of this brilliant idea we have listed the materials and concluded the procedures, the U.S Government is a leader to the U.S we proudly encourage you to do what you do.  We will also be giving additional support, to top this off we'll have the president of the United States be there to release this on shelves of every store!   Good luck to you, Nelson.   signed by U.S Government.
 Nelson was absolutely out of this world but then he quickly made the decision to start now to make his invention the greatest.  Nelson worked day and night for days, weeks, months.He was cutting, drilling,hammering, boxing, printing until he woke to see he had lost his letter. 
“No no no no no!” Nelson exclaimed with the mixed emotion with anger and sadness. Then for many hours he looked thoroughly through bookcases, shelves, drawers, cabinets, desks,pockets until one day he took a quick peek in his sisters room. She was a mischievous monster and he found the letter in her sparkly pink piggy bank. After he had hid it in his safe he looked for his sister. 
“Amanda!” His voice echoed through the house. He heard the faint voice of her playing with her kitchen set,
 “Amanda,did you take a letter from my room?”
 “No!” Amanda yelled in a sassy attitude. Nelson didn’t believe her but that was fine. 
He needed to work.  He got done with the body of the moneymaker, but he was  not finished.
 “Nelson can you help me with my homework?”
“I don’t know can I?”
“Nelson that’s mean! I don’t need your help!”
“That’s fine I got some of my own.” He whispered under his breath.
 But for now he worked  on his invention, One problem was he had to sneak out every night to go to the hardware store to get more materials.
 Then the day had come the president would be arriving at 2:30 PM sharp.  He tested it but it had some minor issues that he had to fix. He did, but today he was nervous. No,  not even that….Frightened. He heard the door open.
“Creek!” It sounded like the times he got  in trouble with his mom for annoying Amanda.
  “Greetings  Mr. McNug, we will now inspect your invention to approve of this being a selling point of average price and the stores to get early access.”
 Nelson was shivering in his socks but still positive
 “Mr. McNug your invention is off the charts this is going to be one of the greatest we’ve seen.”
Nelson had never thought in his wildest dreams he would get this type of complement from the U.S President. But to keep formal he needed to act professional.
“Nelson we’ve got an award certificate for your amazing brilliance.”
    Then they had left in hurry, most likely getting back to top secret paperwork.
“Nelson!!!” His mom yelled so her voice spread through the house.
 “Coming!!!’ Nelson exclaimed.
“‘Hon,can you help cook dinner?”
“Yes mommy.”
 They had a wonderful meal of Mac N Cheese with chicken nuggets. Then Nelson proceeded to walk to his room and get his invention to show his parents and Amanda.
“Mommy and Daddy, I have a surprise for you!”
“What? Honey!” Replied mom
“I made a money maker, my own invention!”
 Then he went on to talk about the president and the letter and everything else about what and how he created his invention.
 “The president was here!” Exclaimed mom
“Yes, here’s the letter he sent me.” 
“That’s wonderful Nelson to celebrate we should get pizza and ice cream for dinner, what do you think!”
“Yes let’s get chicken wings too!”
“Maybe next time hon.”mom Replied in an instant
Many weeks had passed he gained instant popularity at school.  Every day he would walk in and hear, “Nelson sit by me!”
“No Bruno he said he would sit with me!”
Until one day it stopped. 
 He received a letter from the government stating the invention are on shelves of every store in the world. Nelson McNug now is a new kid inventor with big hopes and dreams. The End

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