by Cohen B, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

                                      Bus DRIVERS

             In a small house in South Africa lived brothers Rider and Dom. They were a family of four. Rider,Dom, Mom, and Dad. Rider was strong, smart, caring, kind, and very loving.  Last week their house got robbed and Rider missed the bus the next morning because he was up all night trying to find out who did it.

It was 7:30 in the morning and Rider was getting on the bus. Rider hated the bus so much because of his bus driver Mr. Nugget. He had the longest beard and pointiest nose. He would only push the pedal one centimeter. So then they would get to school late. Today they got to school at 9:00 and school starts at 8:45! Rider wanted to create something that is you push it a centimeter it would go 60 mph. “This bus is so slow,” Rider yelled. Mr. Nugget gave me a mean look and just kept driving.


     Rider would tell all his friends about how late they got to school. “ Dude we get to school at 9:15,” I said. 

“Really we get to school at 8:35,” said Jenna.The next day they got to school at 9:15! Now Jenna Rider’s friend, Rider’s brother, and Dom are getting taken to school. Rider and Dom are talking at school and I think they have a good idea to get to school quicker. With their smartness I think they have a pretty good idea.

 The next day on Monday Rider and Dom tell their principal Mr. Kia their idea and he thinks it’s a good idea. Rider was scratching his blonde hair. He didn’t think it was going to work. On Sunday the whole Fourth grade helped to build the bus. It was going to be able to turn invisible, go through cars and can go 60 mph when you push the pedal one centimeter. It can hold  50 people. 

   Next Friday they were still working on it but it probably had only one more thing to do. It was the color. The reason it’s yellow is because it shows that it has kids in it so they painted it yellow. The whole Fourth grade started to count down to when it was finished. “ 3, 2,” I yelled. “1.” We all cheered. “Yippie,” I yelled.”Best Friday EVER!

       The next day was Saturday and it was so tired that I slept in until 11:30. On Monday we got to school at 8:30. It was the bus ride. We went through cars. We went super fast. I got to my class on time. For the rest of the year we got to school early and now Mr. Nugget was the best because he wouldn’t get mad at us for saying that we get to school late. When I got to the middle school I was sad because I didn’t have Mr. Nugget as a bus driver but I still get to have the really cool bus that I invented.

        I got a award in 6th grade for the best invention for the youngest kid. They call the invention The Bus That Never Can Go Under 40mph. Now I’m older I will never forget that award. From now on when someone sees me that riders The Bus That Can Never Go Under 40mph they ask me for an autograph. This was the coolest 

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