Clean Machine

by Jackson K., Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Brad was a normal kid. He lived in Bethany Beach, Delaware, he loved sports, and he was involved with school projects. Except one thing was keeping him awake at night, he didn’t like to clean his room. He just couldn’t finish cleaning. He’d toss and turn and have dreams that he would grow up and have to live with his little sister Ellie. Which was everything he was afraid of. His sister being the boss!
           It was the first day of 6th grade for Brad. He would’ve been excited, but Elli was going to 5th grade this year. She always had to make everything a competition which was very annoying. But, since Brad was a athlete he accepted the challenge. First it was who looked the best, then who had the cleanest locker.   Oh no! Brad remembered what his locker was like last year! He couldn’t open the door without books falling out!
           A week had passed, and he was up in his room over in the right corner where his desk was and he was playing on his gaming computer when his sister yelled,
“Brad stop playing Fortinite and help me fold laundry!” 
With the intense sound coming from her he knew he should get off. After he was done folding laundry he remembered the list of chores his mother had assigned him to do when she was gone. Luckily he only had one more to do.  But then he read what it said, “ clean room” and he wasn’t happy anymore.  Instead he felt as if the joy was sucked out of him and right into the vacuum cleaner he was holding!
            His mom got home and saw the clean room he had made, but she didn’t see him. That was because he was in the closet with a flashlight, clipboard and scrap paper in his hand. He was drawing a blueprint of the new invention he was going to make called “Clean Machine”. It was designed to clean anything from lockers to rooms. This was just what he needed to win a competition with his sister and also do things for himself. He needed to get some materials to build first.  
“So,” Brad muttered to himself, “why don’t I just go to the local junk yard it has many old/new items that are for free, and the  best thing it my mom won’t even know I’m going to the junk yard because I’ll just say that I’m going to the ball park to practice my swing.”
           After going to the “ Ball Park”  he got some pretty good pieces of junk that were thrown away.  He got some old crate wheels that were still in great shape.
The  worst part of all was that he couldn’t even tell his best friend Noah, because if he were to tell his mom they would both be in trouble. Clean Machine was a self moving 4 by 4 steel circle. He used the old crate wheels on the corners of the machine. 
After he was done making the machine he was very proud of himself. Until he heard thunderous footsteps coming up the stairs... it was his dad. He thought to himself Oh no.. how did he find out I threw away my report card! As his dad walked in he tucked the “ Clean Machine” under his dresser where it fitted quite well.
“Brad!” Yelled his dad as he opened Brad’s door,
“All this time I thought you were a good kid in school! But now I’m having trouble believing that! Your teacher said you’ve been drawing all over your paper about this thing is called a CLEAN MACHINE!” 
“Dad I’m sorry I just…..”
“I don’t even want to hear it! You’re grounded for a month!” 
When Brad heard that he was shocked, but at the same time happy, because now that he was locked in his room he had more time to test out his Clean Machine.  He decided that he would bring his invention into school, so he did, it cleaned out his locker and he finally won that stupid challenge that his sister Elli had made up. 
As Brad grew older he made more inventions and got into more trouble but the Clean Machine was his all-time favorite Invention. He obviously was a popular kid when he was finishing his years at middle school. The best thing was though is that his parents didn’t even know it existed!

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