by Jacy H, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

     Hi my name is Jacy and I love my dog Sargent. Sargent was a puppy when I got him he was so cute,like REALLY cute.

     Sargent has always loved the snow and he still does.

Sargent is a Finnish Spitz and tomorrow is his birthday!!!! He's going to 2,I found a recipe online to make him a dog cake I just have to by all the ingredients,also I have to pick up a package that has his gift in it it’s a military vest! He’s going to look so cute and also it kinda a joke because it’s a military vest and his name is Sargent,get it? Well anyway he’s turning two and I hate that my little puppy’s growing up,all  the memories we have,I love that dog so much I can’t even put it in words.

     Sargent was bread to be a military dog but when I saw him my heart melted,so the breeder gave him to me,and from that day on we are inseparable. 

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