Calli got sick.

by Lexi L, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Calli woke up.  she jumped out of bed.  She was excited because she was going to Mississippi tomorrow. She was going to see her friend Allen. 

Then after she went to the store with her mom. She  was not feeling good so they went straight home. 

When they got to the truck she buckled up then once they drove off she felt weird. Then she threw up all over.  then her mom said they should make something so people can’t get carsick. 

    Then her mom said, “We can’t go  to Mississippi.”Calli could not go to Mississippi if she was sick. But that gave Calli’s mom an idea.  Mabel she could invent something that doesn’t make people carsick. 

     Calli went home to rest, and then she woke up.  In the morning she felt better and she got to go to Mississippi. Calli’s mom did invent something that helps make people  not carsick. 

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