The Baseball Hitter

by Lucas C, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

One time there was a player and his name was Rocky. He played 

baseball and it was his first year of playing baseball. He knew he may not be good because he was just a starting, but he practiced every day and he would not stop playing. One day he got on a team.  He played on the Cubs, which was also his favorite team so he was excited,his only problem was he could not hit a ball.

When he practiced catching, he was pretty good at it so he didn’t care to much about that so he just wanted to practice hitting, Rocky practiced hitting from 12:00 to 5:00 o’clock every day but he still wasn’t that good  at hitting ,so when he got back to his house he sat down and thought. What if I could make a special bat that would make me hit better? We decided that was what he would do. 

Rocky missed a lot of practice making this bat.  He worked for hours and hours until it was done. He started practice again and worked at catching. He felt like he did not miss anything,s o  he was still good at catching. Then he started practicing hitting with the bat. 

The bat attracted the ball right where it would need to be to be hit.  It also had power so it would go really far!  Rocky practiced with it a little, and  it worked great.  He decided me was going use it in a game that was a game coming up the next day. 

Finally, it was the day he would play in the baseball game with his new bat.  His team was ready to play and they were batting first.  There was a really good pitcher who threw really fast on the other team, so Rocky was nervous.  But, he said to himself,  “l shouldn’t be because I have got that bat!”  

The game started and Rocky was up to bat last.   When it was Rocky’s turn he swung and hit the ball.  It was going and going then it went over  the fence!  He had hit a home run!  Rocky couldn’t believe it!  Everyone was cheering.  When the game was one over and Rocky went home, he told his mom and she was really proud.  But that night a person came  to Rocky’s door.

The person said, “You have something that was special and that you are cheating!”

Rocky said, “NO I am not cheating!” The guy had a picture of the bat. Rocky told him that it was home made. 

The guy said, “Let me see it.”

“I don’t have it,” Rocky lied. He gave him the old bat that he used before.  The guy knew it was not the bat, so  he went and got the bat Rocky had created.  

He said, “You can’t use this bat anymore!”

The guy took it home and started looking at it, trying to see what made it hit the ball so far. He found out that there was a special thing inside the bat what made the ball attract to the bat and made it hit it really far. 

The guy stole the bat and hid  it in a place where he thought  no one would find it. But, Rocky went to his house and went in the basement to look.  

Then the guy trapped him down there, and  he never got out for a long time. One day he finally got out but he did not get out very long. The guy threw him back in the hole.

The end

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