by Alexis B., Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

The T’Challa the black panther. Man I felt so bad because he lost his dad and he would always have pictures for me to look at. They were so fun to look at, but then my mom told me that I had to go to school.

Opps! I think I got so carried away with that story that I haven’t told you my name yet .My name is Vine.I have an aunt Sheri, she is so fun to play with. I also have a guard. She would always take care of me when I was a baby.  She would tell me stories and sing to me in African.I can also speak African like my parents.  Let’s go back to my story... wait before I go back to the story….I forgot to tell you that I live with my grandma.  She was the queen.  Now, let’s go back to the story.

I went to school and I hated it because people made fun of my name . Now whenever I go home my dad tries to put a smile on my face.  But now that people make fun of me I never smile. I like to frown.  If  I had homework then I  could not play with anyone at my house .

When I got my new friend Vik she would get really mad .She doesn't like to be called names and we built these suits that my dad once had .They worked and we were called the little panthers we were once out going to the bathroom .We found out that we were locked out of my class and then the guy came up to us and said” no one can beat me in any fight” he said.

Well we did not want to fight but we had to do it so we put on the suits that we invented and we started to fight but then my friend got hurt because he scratched her and then I got so mad at him that I could just lift up 10 men but I can’t because I have to be good but then I looked at my friend and she was inventing  something and I found out that she was inventing a Bandaid .Then I saw her and she was helping herself and then at that moment I scratched him with my claws and then he got so much hurt.We took him to the hospital . I felt so bad for him that I almost cried and then when everybody came out of the rooms they all cheered for me and then I was not getting all the sassy attitudes. 

When I got home my parents saw me on the news and they hugged me and said “you have big talents my sunshine” and I would say “thank you”. Now my dad is in an superhero army and then it was the time he would come back.I was waiting forever for him to walk in and surprise me but then the door opened and then it was the guard. I was excited for him to walk in but then the guard told me that my father died and then I cried so hard that I got pink eye. 

I could not believe that my father is died .I have been crying so hard and when we went to his funeral we cried so bad that our eyes turned pink .Now we do things that my father would do and now I will always have his memories of him .I love him so it is now time to say goodbye.

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