Our journey

by Maddison L, Age 10 , Grade 4, P.A

Our journey
Have you ever traveled to the center of the earth? Well we’re going to. It’s time to go on a journey with us.
          First we have to build a machine to go to the other side of the earth.our rocket ship needs to have a something to keep all our drinks and food cold. How about a cooler. A big one too. How much food do we need. We don’t know, but we’ll find out soon because we’ll be leaving soon. Hmm. What else will we need?ooh, we need a special type of fireproof wrap. We need two windows too so that we can look out to see the center of the earth. We are going to go through crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. Those are the four layers of the earth that we will be going through.
      Uh oh. We made a mistake on the machine. We need to fix or we won’t be going anywhere fast.what is the mistake Claire said with her nice, friendly voice. “Can we fix it?”Clair said. Yes Bob said with his happy but frustrated voice. Clair jumped up and down with excitement and happiness because she was always happy except when her and Bob’s dad died.They worked and worked all night to fix the machine to get it done. So that they did get it done. They were so tired but their excitement and happiness kept them awake. 
         Next,they had to pack up the food and drinks in their cooler. They got a hole bunch of waters. They also got a hole bunch of snacks. Soon they would start digging into the earth. You could see the excitement in Bob’s brown eyes. A little while later  they were in the machine ready to  start digging into the earth. They waved to their mom and friends as they started out dig. They pressed the button and the machine started dig into the earth.
         A little while later the temperature started rising. Bob and Claire looked out the windows to try and see the fire in center of earth but they couldn’t see anything. The only thing they saw was black because of the dirt. Bob said “according to my calculations we have already passed the crust and mantle and we are in the outer core right now and about to leave the outer core and into the inner core. Check the thermometer. Claire looked at the thermometer. The temperature was rising, and even higher.
            Then they looked out the window, they saw the flames from the inner core. QUICK!  Put the fire wrap on. Claire hit the button. The machine automatically put the wrap around itself. They ran over to their windows to watch. They watched as they went through the inner core. It looked so cool. You could see the excitement in Claire’s eyes
            Soon they were on the other side of the earth. They just needed to fill up and get food and drinks in the cooler.
 “Let’s go” Bob said. He wanted to get home and was excited. Claire and Bob packed up all the food and drinks in the cooler. They filled up the machine and started digging. As they started digging they waved to everyone that helped them. It took about twenty days to get to the other side of the earth and home.           
                                                        That is OUR JOURNEY!

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