The homerun hitter

by Mattie C, Age 11 , Grade 4, PA

A kid named Andrew played baseball. It was his second year playing baseball in little leagues. One day, Andrew had a baseball game.  He gets ready for the game. He puts his pants on, his socks on, his shirt on, and then his shoes and hat on and goes to the game.
      Andrew gets to the game and he hits and he throws the baseball and then the game starts. Andrews team has the field first so they go on the field and they get the 3 outs and now it is their turn to bat. 
Then Andrew is up first in the batting order so he gets up to home plate. Then strike one, strike two, strike three you’re out. Then on goes the game and Andrews team scored some points and they win the game but they now have another game to play so he goes home and makes some sunglasses 
to see the baseball better so now he can hit the ball better so they go back to the baseball field to practice for the next game.
     Then, the next game starts and they are up to bat first because the other team got to hit first last game. So, Andrew is up to bat first and he puts on his sunglasses and goes to home plate and takes a couple of swings and then he was up. He let the first one go by and then the other ball came by and he swung at the ball and he hit the ball and it was a home run. And then Andrews team got more points and won both of their games.
     So then the other games went by and he hit more and more home runs as the season went by and then it was in the middle of a game when his sunglasses fell off and someone stepped on them and he couldn’t use the sunglasses because they were broken because someone stepped on the sunglasses.
     Then, he was mad and sad because he hit good but now he will never hit that good again, but then after the game he went back home and was stumped because he knew he could fix them but he forgot he didn’t know how to make another pair of sunglasses because he hit really good with the sunglasses. So then because he couldn’t make the sunglasses he asked his mom if he could buy some things to help make the sunglasses for there next game and that is when they play their last game until All-Stars so he really wanted to have the sunglasses for his next game because he wants to play good so he gets picked for All-Stars. 
     After he got the things for the sunglasses he went home and got to work make the sunglasses again. Then after he made the sunglasses, he tried them on and they where amazing because he could hit the ball this time. So he went to his game and he hit 5 home runs and after the game the head coach of the All-Star team said that he is on the 2018 All-Star baseball team.

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