How we Get to School

by Gio M, Age 10 , P.A.

       Once there were five kids Jack, Donald, Dan, Blake, and Murkey (a.k.a. Baxter.). They all went to school just like you and me. Except one day they were sick of walking to school. 

“There must be a easier way to do this.” Said Jack. 

“I know my legs are super tired.” Murkey said.

       They thought of ways to get to school without using their legs. Donald and Blake were sharing thoughts when all of a sudden...

“Hey I’ve got it!” Exclaimed Donald.

“We can take turns pushing each other in wagons.”

       So for a couple of weeks they did that. But they started getting frustrated with each other and they started fighting over who’s turn it was to push, and who’s turn it was to ride. Week after week they tried to come up with more ideas, but they were never good enough.

Until one day Blake came up with a great idea.

“We could make a wagon except make it move on its own we will call it a car.” Blake said 

“Except we need help making it.”

       So they started asking around to see if anyone could help them but no one could. After a while they started losing hope and stopped believing in themselves. On their last day of asking people they didn’t have as much excitement. 

      Then all of a sudden someone told them he could help

“I know someone that loves building he could build it for you.” He said 

“That would be great.” They said.

      So the next day the kids talked to the man’s friend Charles Edgar Puryea. They told him about their idea and he said he could make it work.  A year went by and the kids talked to Charles again. He told them he was done and wanted to show them the car. They started going to school in it with their parents driving.

Soon everyone wanted a car so Charles started making more and more. 

And that’s how the car was made.

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