by Kyle M, Age 9 , Grade 4, PA

            Clark Charm was in his room searching on his computer. Recently his dad had been diagnosed with cancer and he was trying to find a cure. He had been on his computer searching for a cure all day and all night for the past three weeks. Clark was always working on it because his dad was all he had left. His mom died a few years back and his dad’s brothers didn’t visit anymore so Clark only had his dad. 
Suddenly at that very moment he found something. After the countless days he had been searching had he finally found it? Yes! Yes he had! It said there was only one place he could get the cure… in another dimension. It would be a hard trip, but Clark would do anything to help his dad be free of cancer. 
            He called up one of his friends who was all in to help. Ben, or Benny which is what Clark liked to call him, loved to do anything that involved space. Once Benny and Clark came to a agreement they met at his house the next morning.  Ben had already had something set up that he called it the Dimension Traveler 5000!
Ben let Clark look at the circuitry inside the machine. It all looked great. So when Clark agreed to use it Ben was thrilled. Ben turned the machine on but nothing happened.  He kicked the box and a portal appeared (awesome, right?). Ben said “3,2,1!” and Clark jumped in.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Clark screamed at the top of his lungs. 
Twenty minutes later Clark was still falling. “I should have stopped falling by now,” Clark said confused. Then all of a sudden Clark dropped on a patch of grass. He got up and looked around. There were blue birds and beautiful trees everywhere! Clark needed to start exploring, but he didn’t know where to start! There were beautiful things everywhere! But Clark didn’t waste anymore time of his dad’s life looking around. He went straight through the bushes in to the jungle.
          Clark has been in this jungle for what seems like months! When the blue birds came by he didn’t even glance at them. Instead he just kept on walking. Clark hasn’t said a word in three weeks. Something was urging Clark on. Some kind of feeling that kept pushing him to keep going. It seemed like Clark was never tired and never hungry or thirsty. Around this time he started giving up thinking he would never find what he was looking for. Then he saw something in the distance. Something round like a ball. He started walking to it. Then he started walking faster. Then he started sprinting because he felt as if there was something watching him. Chasing him even. Then he got to the ball. There was a latch on top, but he didn’t know how to reach it. So he snapped a branch off a tree and laid it on the ball. Then he climbed the stick, opened the hatch and jumped. That’s when he saw it. The cure.
            When he hit the ground he made a little sound, but not too much of a sound. He ran over to the huge machine that was producing the cure. He grabbed as many jugs of the cure as he could and stuffed them in his pack. He managed to carry 57 jugs. Then he jumped back up grabbed on the ledge of where the hatch was and pulled himself up. That’s when an alarm sounded. 
He jumped, not even thinking about the branch he had leaned on the ball. He started running without looking back. Suddenly he saw bolts flying past him, so he found a log and climbed in. This log was big and had a lot of room. Then he realized something. He had no way of getting back. That when he thought, I am going to have to build a machine to help me get back. Once the aliens who had been shooting the blots to protect the cure gave up and left him, he set off to find materials for his invention.He would call it The Cosmos 5000! The Cosmos 5000 was going to get him back home, off this planet and back on Earth.
            That very day Clark started looking for materials. All he needed to build it was twelve sticks, twelve yards of alien vine, and twenty rocks. Shockingly, he found everything he needed to build the machine he was thinking of nearby. It was like the place he was in knew what he was looking for and just produced it. Interesting...thought Clark.  But that kind of thinking had to come later. It was time to build this machine.
First he took ten of the sticks and wrapped the vine around them. Then he put the rocks in a circle shape on top of the sticks. Next, he took the remaining two sticks and rubbed  them together until they create sparks to create a fire. Finally he took the circuit and threw it in the fire. 
 When Clark threw the circuit in a portal appeared. Instead of thinking about the portal Clark just jumped in.
             When Clark landed on Earth, he didn’t land nicely. He landed hard...on rock in fact. He had scrapes and blood running down his knees. He didn’t worry because he knew when he got home everything would be better. As he got up pain shot through him like some unknown force. It  just started uppercutting him in the knees. He fell back down. He staggered back up and even through the pain started walking, then walking faster. Then jogging. Then sprinting as fast as he could. Before he knew it he was back home sitting at his dad’s side. The next thing he remembered, he was in his bed falling asleep.
             The next morning he woke up to the smell of pancakes. Grandma must be over Clark thought, but when he was downstairs he saw his dad at the stove. 
“DAD!” Clark yelled as he ran over to him. 
“Hey buddy,” Clark’s dad said, “I feel way better.”
 “I did it!” Clark said,  as he started telling his dad about his adventure. It took Clark three weeks to tell his dad the whole story of what happened on his thrilling journey. 
The End!

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