Lost in space

by Jake P, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Hi my name is zen and this is my story. 
 A long time ago there was a little boy who lived in a house on Earth with his mom and daddy. At that time, Zen was three. They were a happy family 
 Then one day when he was three his mom died from a heart  attack. Then when he was six his dad died, too. he got taken to the orphanage and everybody thought he was weird, nobody was his friend.
But astronauts came and took him to the space space station and they told zen what was  going on. Later he gets tested to see if he was ready to help them. 
Zen got sent into space to check out the new planet interior and his spaceship crashed but he was not hurt. he couldn’t find a way to fix his rocket ship  The planet interior was a junk planet and there was monster.
Later he creates a staff that can change into everything. He gets this idea that he could start to rebuild his rocket, so he starts. The next few days he got done half way and monsters started to attack him so he fought  back and won.The next few day passed again.   Zen said, “I’m all finished”. He flys back to Earth and everybody was happy he was back. 
It had been a few years on Earth but on  the interior planet it was only a few days.
So when Zen got back it was the future and there was floating cars and other stuff. There was tower and a lot of wars and aliens. Also, there was plasma cannons and plasma arrows and plasma bows. There was plasma floors with glass over the plasma. 
Aliens were in schools all over the world when Zen got back. On the news one day the news the news lady said, “The aliens on earth are battling the martians!”  It was a big war. There was gunk of black slime all over the place. The martians won the war and now there are stone people all over the place. 
There was a cyber demon named Bill that could enter a human brain and steal passcode and locks . And he opened a dimension that let other cyber demons out.  One is a cow that has a laser that is so powerful that it could slice a building in half. Another was a lady that has plasma katakana. 

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