The Adventure Of Spearow Spear

by Midori Z., Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

                                         The Adventure of Spearow Spear   
       Once there was a blue eyed girl named Raven Fire who had beautiful black hair and soft peachy skin. She was 15 years old and grew up living in a volcanic village named the Valley of Dragons. The village was named for their deep lore surrounding dragons.
       Raven Fire was no ordinary girl. Her armor was made out of Phoenix feathers that could withstand even the greatest fire from a golden dragon. Her shield was even made from gemstones that she had crafted from a mine deep under the Valley. Raven and her pet dragon would roam the Valley looking for things to collect. She was also quite an inventor. If she had free time, she would also invent things that would help her from the materials that she recycled from the dump. One time, she was able to make a battleaxe using the scrap metal she found. 
      As she was walking through the village one day, she met an boy with green eyes and blonde, curly hair. He was new in the village for she had never met him before. When she got close, she could hear him muttering to himself.
“Hi! Is there anything I could help you with? You seem quite lost.” 
Startled, he looked up and brushed his curly hair out of his face. “Oh! I admit. I am quite lost. You see, I came to this village because I have heard that they’re opening up training sessions for young warriors. Except, I can’t seem to find the village chief to get his approval.”
“Well, you’re in luck! The village chief is my dad. Here, I’ll take you to him,” Raven responded, “by the way, what’s your name?”
    “Thanks. My name is Daring. Daring Spear. What’s yours?” he replied. He smiled warmly at her.
“Raven. It’s nice to meet you. I have a feeling we’re going to get along,” she said while smiling back. Together, they got the chief’s approval and Daring was able to begin his warrior training. Time to time, Raven would come visit and they soon became good friends. They began to grow feelings for each other. Eventually, Daring had to ask the Chief again for approval. This time it was for Raven’s hand in marriage. He agreed and Daring and Raven were married.
     One fateful day, the village volcano was erupting. They had to leave their son, Spearow with a babysitter as they flew off to save their village 
     Raven shouted,“ Come on! We have to save our village!”
      Raven and Daring zoomed on their dragons. They saw the other warriors digging a trench. Alongside their dragons, they began to dig. “Keep on digging! Faster! We don’t have much time!” The commander shouted
  The lava was gushing out faster and faster. The whole team was digging as fast as they could.The lava began to go down the mountain quickly, the rocks stop some lava. The commander had an idea, the commander quickly shouted “Split into groups ! Some over here!” He pointed at a rock pile “ And some  stay in the trench!”  
                                                         Lava  Secret!
     So the team split up, Daring was  still digging, and Raven was throwing rock in the lava,  the lava was almost  ¾  of the way down and speeding up in matters of seconds, and the group that was digging was  ½  done and the speed was five second fast. The  rock throwers threw five rocks at a time. It worked, the lava slowed down put some how the lava ate all the rock and then the lava went closer and closer to the ground making bubbles popping noises, the commander yelled “ Keep on digging.  faster ! We don’t have any more time!” The lava reached the ground it was heading towards the other group, Raven threw some rocks down,but  the lava seeps through, it was a little bit quicker now, Raven thought,“ What have I done?!” The group was ¾ of it done, so the rock thrower quickly ran to the pile of shovels and helped them dig, they kept on dig, the lava was inch closer and closer, and … and they finally finish, the whole team jumped up, from the trench and just in time because if any longer the whole team would be toast.
       After that day, they found out that the volcano wasn’t because of Mother Nature it was because a villain wanting the warriors to be gone, after that the warriors knew what to do, they went  in hiding, because of the villain could have them all in one swoop,but before Daring and Raven went in hiding they left a note and a box that had a lowcater in it, then they hid
                                              Spearow Spear!
       Year past, Spearow turn into  tween, and the babysitter has an orphanage, Spearow was 12 years old, and he has green eyes, black short hair,and soft skin.
He also has a half time job, that he gets payed, and goes to school.Because of his parents left, he would always get bullied. Like  on Monday, Jordan said “ Spearow is probably in the orphanage, because He’s parents think he’s ugly”.
     And after school ,He would go to the orphanage everyday and  cried to his old babysitter saying, “Why does my parents hate me!” 
  And the babysitter would replied “  I keep telling you, your parents love you with all their hearts”
   Then Spearow would  question,“ Then why aren’t they here?!” Then the babysitter would stop talking then. 
   Then she waits five minutes after that, then she  says, “Dinner time!”
     After dinner, the orphans get ready for bed.
           One year past it was Spearow’s birthday today, the babysitter had a gifts for him, he opens his friends, then when everybody left the babysitter gave him the box and note that the parents left, the note says “Dear son, happy 13 birthday, we went in hiding or mom and dad are hidden in this box you can find us,” -mom and dad.  Spearow said, “ I couldn’t beleve it, my parents are still alive, I thought they were dead  ”
Spearow was so happy, so he decided that he was going to build it- to be continued.

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