The Football Upgrade

by Logan S, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

         When Jerry thought all of his problems were gone, more came. Jerry had
to move again. Jerry was born in Buffalo,NY until he was 5 and moved to Oakland,CA until he was 11 and now he has to move to Casper,WY. He told his best friend, Tyler, at school.
                   “Hey Tyler I need to tell you something.”
                               “What?” Tyler said
                  Jerry answered, “I’m moving! To Casper, Wyoming.”
          Then they both stood there in the hallway… quiet. Then the bell rang for dismissal. They both were allowed to stay at the football field until their parents picked them up. About 2 years ago when Jerry was 9 he got a football signed by Derek Carr  who is on Jerry’s favorite team, the Oakland Raiders. Jerry also has a signed football card from Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jairus Byrd from Jerry’s second favorite team the Buffalo Bills.
         As they threw the signed football around, Jerry said, “I hope we get to see each other again.”
         “Why do you have to leave?” Tyler asked 
             “Because my dad got a better job in Wyoming.” Jerry replied. 
    Then Jerry’s mom and dad picked him up with a packed car, he said goodbye and got in and left. On the way down, Jerry was thinking how to make football better.  He did get an A plus on his electric building contest and he won it too. 
When they got to the airport Jerry got his tablet and started to do a project.
        Jerry’s mother said “Since we left during the middle of school you will be..”       James, Jerry’s brother interrupted and said “So you will be the only new kid.”
            “As I was saying you will be the kid with the best hands” 
                    Jerry smiled, and said “well do they have a football team?”
       “Yeah they do, their team is called the Casper Cowboys.  Me and your dad have         been looking for a school with a football team.”
     (Saturday)  When they landed It was 2:10am Jerry was tired but he didn’t stop. The next morning Jerry went to the store and bought 4 lasers that don’t hurt your eyes because he was going to put the lasers in the touchdown posts so people can see if the ball past the plane or not. But it didn’t work so he was going to keep trying. 
     (Sunday)  Since Jerry’s mom signed him up for football he had to play. 
At halftime, Jerry’s coach said we have a new player named Jerry Thomas he is a wide receiver so he might be a running back too. So Jerry played both and got a record of 6 touchdowns, 4 from catching and 2 from running so he won MVP on his first game!  Later this kid named Bill pushed Jerry because he was jealous because he had the old record of 5 touchdowns.
     (Monday) Jerry went to the coach and asked if he could put his lasers in the touchdown posts and he said yes! Jerry was really happy, but he had to go to his class room. Later he went to the football field and installed the lasers. 
       Then coach said “maybe I’ll put you on punt and kick returner and maybe cornerback.” 
   “I don’t really like being cornerback.” Jerry answered
   “Oh ok that’s fine.” coach said  “Well hope the lasers work for the championship tonight.” “Yeah”.
     When Jerry got there, the field was very hot it was 92 degrees.
        So each team had 2 water jugs and 2 gatorade jugs to drink. 
Jerry got to pick what flavor the Gatorade is, and he picked 1 orange and one 
(Halftime) coach said “we’re down by 5 so we need to get a touchdown.”
 Jerry rolled his ankle so he was out on the bench but he felt better now. Later, Jerry was on a flea flicker as a wide receiver and he was wide open in the end zone.  Alex Boone threw it deep for Jerry but a flag for pass interference on defense.  Jerry caught it with 3 fingers! The cowboys won! Jerry got the game winner trophy!
(20 years later) Jerry’s invention is now in the NFL with Jerry on Buffalo Bills as number 13 WR 89 overall!

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