Alami just play it

by Carley F, Age 9 , Grade 4, PA

ALAMI just play it 
Once there were three kids Carley,Brianna,and Alexis who had crazy ideas. So they decided to invent a game called Alimi. “ I have an idea let’s create a game called Alami!” They used metal,plastic,wires,batteries,and screens. Then when they were done with that they invented the game with crazy ideas.
 But everything went wrong and they got sucked in the game! They didn’t know what to do. They look up and it says in the sky WELCOME TO ALAMI.
“What is going on?”Brianna asked.
 “I don’t know!”said Alexis.
 They looked around and saw the giant statue of a Cat and saw the place to put the teleportation green gem
But then all of a sudden they got sucked out and it said on the screen: BROKEN they have  to open it up but then there was a broken wire in the front. So they had to rebuild it and instead they made it better by making it into a console and made 100% sure that all of the wires were were not broken. 
“It won’t break I’m sure” Carley said They secure it with tape to make sure. Then they made the screen with light bulbs and wires. Then they remade the game but easier and something went wrong so they checked it again and the bulb was dead but they had no more bulbs so they gave up.
“I told you” Alexis said
5 minutes later Carley’s dad came and brought bulbs,wires,old broken machines,old computers and metal stuff and said “Guys I got this junk, can you make it work?” they all said “Yes!” So they got to work. Hammering, lighting bulbs,screwing,putting batteries in places, and wiring then it is finally done so they play it and nothing goes wrong so they played it.

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