The Weird Invention

by Gus B., Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

One morning Tripsy woke up and went to get some donuts for her and her family.  When she walked out of the shop there was a root and of course, she tripped on the root and dropped all 100 of the very very fresh donuts in a puddle. They were 50 dollars too!!
When she came home empty handed and wasted all the 50 dollars from her dad, he grounded her and made her get a job to pay for the donuts with her own money next time.
    When she arrived at the job she was disgusted because it was a… junkyard!!! YUK!  After a couple weeks she got used to the smell and looks of it, until they brought another 1 ton (2,000 pounds) of more junk. 
Then she thought, “What if I could build something out of all this junk?” So she walked over to the load and of course, she tripped on a metal pipe and fell in a puddle. Again. For the 12th time that hour!
        The next morning, which was Monday, she went straight to the junkyard after school because she thought of what she was going to make. She first pulled out the blueprints that she had made during English Class and Writing Class.  
When she looked at them she realized that they were the wrong blueprints! She grabbed the blueprints of the terrarium that they were building is science class! She got so mad that by the time she got home she had  fractured 2 of her toes and broke 5 toes from kicking metal poles and rocks because she grabbed the wrong blueprints.
     The next day she headed to work and was excited because she had the right blueprints and she was ready with all the tools she needs. When she gets there she starts gathering junk right away. When she had everything she went right to building the invention. 6 hours later she finally finished the invention and took her 29th break. 
On that break her dad came to see how work had been going. She hid the invention (because it’s a secret) and told him she’d been doing great. 
After he left she pulled out the invention and thought of a name.  She called it the Condensationer because it took away the water in water right before she tripped into a puddle.  She was so glad that it worked when she tried it, that she made a portable one!
     The End

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