The future starts now

by Bernie K, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

     On Orjain 3 or, Earth two, every sol or day was the same, one sun on the east and on sun on the west.  In fact it will never change because Orjain 3 stayed facing the same way.  It was like every other planet in the universe it went around its sun, but  every sol was impossible to tell(by light at least)because darkness on one side and light on the other.  
Bob Weylad a 45 year old man who lived in the center with his family or AKA the twilight zone was using his traxus 5 lens telescope.  Traxus 5 a very powerful lens that I came up with can see millions of light years away.  At the same time governor Garry Appalo was also using his traxus 5 lens telescope.  As they were looking they both saw a star not like the rest with a planet like Orjain 3 or Earth.  The      only problem was it was 1 light year away.  
Later that night Bob Weyland decided to        get there in 2 years.  The next sol Bob decided to get some research.  The only thing that popped up was a guy eating a taco.  NEW PLAN: figure out the work in your head.  Bob thought and thought but there was no man at least who even attempted to make a slip space rupture let alone even thought of it.  
Bob was definitely alone on this one.  Meanwhile governor Garry Apallo was thinking that same idea.  As soon as he thought, he went straight to Bob.  When Garry arrived to Bob’s ship they got straight to work.  
Then Garry said “What are you doing Bob? We need to work not eat dinner” Garry was kicked out.  From then on they both worked alone.  
Then one sol Bob got it.  He got on his ship and went 9 miles above sea level.  He turned it on, let in run,  then pushed the slip space button,BOOM!  The whole thing blew up with one tiny little slip space whole.  Then Bob realized, the dang coolant button he had totally forgot to install.  Time to try again.  Tomorrow.
  The next sol Bob got to work again.  coolant button- check. plasma injectors- check.  plasma tanks full of plasma-check. Bob was ready to try again.  Up 9 miles again, turn engines on, press coolant button, press injectors, slip space... BOOM!  Again, 
what was it this time………? Ahh! I hate that it’s always coolant.  
  Later that sol Bob rented a traxus 101 lens telescope.  He examined the planet——life.  Lots of it.  WE ARE NOT ALONE!  It was The most important discovery of man.  Bob called Garry he told him to come to his house,he did.  Garry looked in to the telescope.  He saw beings about 6 feet tall no hair and big heads.
  “Bob we gotta get there!” 
“I’ve already got it I just need you to put on all the coolant stuff.” 
Okay let’s get to work.” 
“Every things in place let’s make history Bob” 
“affirmative Garry” 5,4,3,2,1 ignition! 
 We’re here. 
 At the planet they found aliens peace forever.
                                     THE END.

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