Who is the inventor of YouTube

by Paula J, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

                  Who is the Inventor of YouTube


Have you ever wondered who the inventor of YouTube is? Well if you didn’t, I will tell you.  It is someone named Steven Chen. Why? Because when he was 13 he loved learning about technology. Steven had the help of two friends that he met in California 

   Moving to America

 Steven Chen was born in 1978 in Taiwan. His family moved to America when Steven was 8 years old. When Steven was in America he learned to speak English. He later moved to California


 Steven Chen started school in 3rd grade because he didn’t go to school in Taiwan. He was also the only Asian in his class. When Steven Chen went to boarding school he loved learning about technology. He also loved studying computer science in the University of Illinois 

    Later life 

 When he was 27 in 2005 he and his friends Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim started YouTube. Why? Their motto is Broadcast yourself. In 2006 YouTube became a popular website. They split up to start other businesses. After Steven and his friends split up Steven gave his money to his old school. A science and technology center was opened.


Why YouTube was invented is because Steven and his friends wanted to share there videos on the internet. Youtube was made in the year of 2005. YouTube quickly became a popular website. In the year of 2006 Steven, Chad, and Jawed sold YouTube to google. 


 Steven Chen made YouTube because when he was in boarding school he loved learning about technology. He also wanted to share his, Chads, and Jawed’s videos on the internet. When he was in the university of Illinois he studied computer science, so he knew what to do. Finally, it is because his motto is to Broadcast yourself and upload it.


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