All the Way Up ??

by Liam W, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Not too long ago, in the year 1987, there lived a boy named Scott Johansson. Scott had a sister named Biny, and two dogs. He lived by a lake on Mt. Jefferson, Oregon. He was 12 years old. It sounds like Scott is a average kid.
He loved outer space since he was 5. One hot July day, he had an idea. He wondered if somehow he could get a picture of outer space. He wasted no time. He grabbed his GoPro Hero6 and his Erector set. He started on something that he called the “space shuttle”. Things started off small. His first model was roundish than long. His fist modification was to add thrusters. When those blew up, he decided to make it more skinny. “Ahhhrghh! Why won’t this work?!” He yelled. He was absolutely brainwashed. 
The next morning at breakfast, Scott discussed his idea with his dad over some pancakes smothered with syrup.
 “Well Scotty, maybe all you need is to have help from someone with less experience.” Dad said. 
“But nobody fidgets more with that stuff than me.” Scott argued. 
“What I’m saying is, is that maybe you’re thinking too hard. Loosen up ScottyDog.” His dad said. Scott took dad’s idea into consideration. After a lot of thinking, Scott called up his friends Rondo, Johnny, and Ben. Johnny and Ben were brothers. They never really fought. 
“Hey guys, wanna come over and play? If you help me solve my problem, I’ll give you 10 bucks.” Scott said. 
“10 bucks! We’ll be right over!” 
Now, 10 bucks may not sound like a lot, but in 1987, that was worth 20 bucks by today’s standards. Before Scott even thought about the shuttle, the boys decided to go fishing in the lake nearby.
“I caught a huge crappie!” Yelled Ben in excitement.
When that got boring, Scott got right down to business. 
“Okay guys, so I’m going to try to get a picture of outer space. Laugh if you want, but I’m going to make a spacecraft to fly into the exosphere and get a picture of space. So, here’s the challenge, if you can help me get the spacecraft off the ground, I’ll give you ten bucks.” Rondo raised his hand.
“One question, what do we use for it?” He asked. Scott brought out his Erector set
“We work with these.” He said. Before long, the boys were working hard on the spacecraft. Ben had an idea to use compressed air to make it go high. 
“We can’t do that. It will only go a few feet in the air.” Scott said. After a few more failed ideas, the boys took a break.
“Let’s go get some ice cream.” Scott suggested. 
“Maybe it will help refresh our brains.” He said. 
“Mom! Can you get me a dollar? We are going to buy ice cream. I’ll pay you back.” Scott said reassuringly.
“Where the heck are you going to buy ice cream?” His mom asked.
“There’s a new place across the road that I’ve been watching them build for a long time. It opened yesterday.” 
“Okay, but that allowance you earned goes to me.” His mom said as she handed him a dollar. 
“Come on guys!” Scott yelled as he held up the dollar. When they got there ice cream, they sat down on the log. Scott got an Oreo flurry, Rondo got Rocky Road, Ben got Blue Moon, and Johnny got a strawberry shake. 
“How are we ever going to get that thing to fly? It’s the size of a tractor,” Ben said. 
“Wait a minute, we have an old John Deere tractor in the backyard. Maybe, just maybe, we can use the parts from that.” Scott said almost spilling his flurry. The boys dashed back to the house as fast as they could go. 
“Hey dad, could we use the old tractor parts for the rocket?” Scott asked.
“Well I don’t see why not.” His dad said
“Yes! You are the best!” Scott said as he slammed into dad to give him a hug.
“Hold up, ScottyDog, here’s the kicker, you have to let Rondo take it apart. He is 14 you know.” Dad said. When Scott got back, he told Rondo he had permission to take apart the tractor. He handed Rondo the tool box and let him take care of the rest.
“What parts do you want me to take out?” Rondo yelled from under the tractor. Scott started thinking, maybe the engine? Or the gas tank? Maybe the controls? All of these thoughts raced through his head and out his mouth.
 “Try to take out the engine, the gas tank, or the controls.” Scott spat. Rondo came out from under the tractor.
“Who do I look like, your server? He asked annoyed.
“Sorry, I — um— don’t really know my tractor parts very well.” He said. After hours of fidgeting and using screwdrivers, they had a masterpiece. It was about 5:31pm when Scott installed the GoPro. 
“All right guys, this is it, if this doesn’t work nobody gets any money. If it does, the $10 will be split among you.” Scott said. The GoPro was already filming. They all begun counting at once.
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, IGNITION!” Scott held his breath. They waited a long time. Just as they started to walk away, Scott saw something falling from the sky. It was the spaceship! The first thing they did was take off the GoPro. When they put the flash drive in the computer, they almost fainted. It was a success! Scott Johansson had invented the space shuttle! That night, Scott had 2 things on his mind how was it possible that the footage was so clear? Wouldn’t it have been crushed by pressure? No matter, he had invented the space shuttle and he was proud of it.

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