Kelly Lee

by Maddie R, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Kelly Lee was a sad poor little girl who had no clothes, no food, no money, and no house. All they had was a small, old, dirty, falling apart house with holes in the roof. But back to Kelly Lee, she was only 9 years old. She had a younger sister, a mom, and a dad.  She lived in a town called Rough Town because it’s rough there and they live on Holly Street. Kelly Lee is sometimes happy, sad, or mad all of her clothes are old they have patches, and an old shirt. She was a sad girl when she was born because they were poor but when her sister came she was so happy but now she’s mad at her sister and never wanted to talk to her again. 
 But the day after she was thinking “I need to do something for my family” so she went to the dump because that’s the only place where she can go because she doesn’t have any money, but then after awhile she got the parts she needed to build what she’s building. And her sister came to help bring the stuff back to their old house and she also got tools at the dump. So the girl’s went home after getting all the parts so Kelly Lee started to build the thing that she was going to help the family with, she was building  a washing thing to wash their clothes so they didn’t have to where the same dirty clothes forever, so the first time she built it, it was a fail so she tried again and the second time failed so she tried the last time and it worked.
 And she was so happy she was running out  to her mom with excitement and they were so proud of Kelly Lee. So from that day on, they had some nice smelling clothes and they made more washing things to other poor people to sell to get money to fix their house. So they have a nice house and they can  build a garden to make some food to have and eat.

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