Edward Nairne

by Ava D , Grade 4, PA

     Edward Nairne
     Edward Nairne was born in 1726 and died in 1806. Edward Nairne was born in Sandwich, England and died in London,England.  Edward Nairne invented the eraser on April 15,1770.  He also invented the first successful marine barometer.  
     Edward Nairne invented the eraser when he was 24 years old.  In the early 1770s, he invented the first successful marine barometer.  Edwards barometer was sent to James Cook’s second voyage to the South Pacific.  Edward Nairne was a regular contributor to the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society of London, and was elected a fellow of that institution in 1776 (He was 50).  In 1770, Edward Nairne sold cubes of natural rubber at his shop at 22 Cornhill, the cubes, meant to be erasers, were sold for a high price of 3 shillings per half inch cube.  Fact: Other than rubber they used bread crumbs and wax cubes to erase led.  
     Edward Nairne enjoyed an extensive international reputation, and he was in correspondence with Benjamin Franklin for whom he made a set of magnets and a telescope around 1758.  Also Benjamin Franklin’s recommendation, he was asked to supply instruments for the fire-damaged collection at Harvard University.

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