The Argue

by Alex W, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

     In a neighborhood in 1870,me(Alexander Wardrop) and a man named Alexander Graham Bell, were trying to cool ourselves down from the heat. And yes it was summertime and it is about 87 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now.
     “What do you want to do Alexander?”I asked. 
      “I want to at least make or invent something,”said Alexander.
      “People can’t talk to each other from far places,so I think we should do is make something that people can hear what people are saying from far far away,”I suggested. 
     “Great idea,”said Alexander.
     After the hard days work, Alexander and I finally finished planing what we would be doing. We went to Alexander’s house and tried to fall asleep ,but it was too hot to go to sleep. Finally after one to two hours trying to go to sleep in Alexander’s house,we go to sleep.
     “BANG!” Alexander and I woke up startled.
    “Aha”someone said. 
   “Let’s see what do we have here…the…telephone…what the,”the man said. “Wait one second…YES! They…they have not patented it yet. Now I can st…st…steel their idea!”the man said in excitement.
     “Ru…Ru…Rutherford…Rutherford B.Hayes,”I stuttered.
     “Y…y…yes,”he says back. 
      “What are you doing in Alexander’s house!”I yell.
       “I…I…I can explain,”Ruther says. 
     “HOW!!”I scream.
     As the argument goes on I try to think of something. “Hey,hey guys,I figured out a plan.  We will have a race to get the invention and patented and  whoever loses and gets caught will have to go to jail,”I blurted out.
     “For how long?”Rutherford asked. 
      “Well if people steal their ideas when it’s patented it’s usually… about…30 years.” I answered. 
     “WHAT…30 YEARS!!!!” Rutherford yelled.
.          .          .
     After the long argument, Alexander and I finally won and Rutherford started liking the idea. So after that long talk we finally went back to sleep at 2:15am and then we woke up at 9:29am.
      I grabbed a horseshoe-shaped magnet,an electromagnet,a trumpet-shaped receiver,and wire terminals. Then we tried to build it in the least amount of time,but it ended up being an hour.
     “RUNNNN!!” I yell. 
    “QUICK!”Alexander yells back. We run as fast as we can and see Rutherford going out his door. We run faster as we see the place to make it patented. This was the big moment of history. 
     After a minute or two we get there and make it patented and tell the man whoever he sees to put them in jail for 30 years and after a month that Rutherford been in jail,a man named Mason finally bought it.

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