The adventure of the Flying Car

by Kameryn E, Age 10 , USA

The Eventor of the Flying Car.                                                                                Hi my name is Tim and I am 12 years old. The school year is almost over and when it is, we are going on vacation. But before we go it is the science fair and I’m going to make a flying car. 
When I went to school that very next morning I told my teacher Miss Leslly  that I wanted to make a flying car for the science fair.  Before I knew it, the biggest bully in the whole school heard me. He is James Green. 
When the teacher left the room he told me,“You have no chance at the science fair this year.” 
He made me so mad I wanted to punch him, but I held my anger.
   The next morning it was Friday and I was almost done with my science fair project. Then I thought for a minute….“James was right I don’t have any chance at the science fair,but I still wanted to finish this project. I know the science fair was next week, so I have to try.” So, I finished it. 
The night of the  science fair was I got in the car and took my project.  It worked, so all of my hard work really paid off.  
“James was not right, I was!” I thought.  My teacher saw me and told the Principal to look at my project.  
The principal asked he asked, “What did you make?”  
I replied, “ A flying car.”
The Principal said, “I love it!  We have our winner.” 
I was shocked I didn’t know what to say,  “Thank you,” I replied. When I got home my family was really happy for me ,  they even threw me a celebration.
The next morning. I knew that I didn’t want revenge.  I was happy the way my life was.  So, I just ignored James. 
Later I found out that James just wanted to be my friend but he didn’t know how to ask, so he was being mean.  After that we ended up being friends with each other.  I finally made a friend that appreciates me. 

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