Smush Shash Pumpkin Pie

by Breena K, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

I am running in the woods hearing my name be shouted “Chi don’t go to far” But I ran to far the shout faded it was so quiet nothing loud just the birds singing their lovely songs and squirrels leaping in the leaves. I sat down on a log watching nature go bye.
Then I closed my eyes without even noticing. I woke up stars were coming out and the sunset was getting pushed down by the night sky I started to here twigs snap and loud noises like someone was screaming. I started to worry then I looked around no one in sight just me and myself. All alone and scared.
After being sleepy I started to run again hearing all the noises and leaves crickling as I spead by all the trees I was still lost and thinking “why did I come out here”? I sat down on the old, dead leaves then I started to cry with tears coming down my face. When the last tear dropped I got back up and walked around I kept getting faster every step I took. Just then it was getting dark as I was speeding there was a stump in the ground of a dead tree I tripped and BANG!!!! I crashed right into it and it hurt a lot. And I didn’t even know that the stump was there blood was dripping down my leg but that didn’t stop me.
After hurting myself and getting lost I kept running and did not give up. Finally, after a long time of running and crying I made it home I was relieved and happy with a big grin on my face. And when I walked in there was a giant feast on the table waiting just for me. Mom ran up to me and gave me a giant hug that squeezed the guts right our of me. The only thing she said is “you made it back I’m glad you’re ok”.
Now I know to be with an adult at night and have a flash light!!!!! This is a big lesson to learn always be safe and know your surroundings!!!!

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