Mad Inventor

by Ryan M, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Today I woke up in my bed and wished I had superpowers. I thought I would ask if we could go to the Museum of Inventions. I got up and went out to the kitchen and asked “Can we go to the Museum Of Inventions?”. 

My Mom answered, “Maybe Mak”.

        Dad started making breakfast, we are having sweet rolls by the way. When we started eating I asked Elijah if he wanted to go to the museum. 

“I would love that,” replied Elijah.

    After some time I tell Mom and Dad “Elijah wants to go too! So can we go?”

   “Fine but we have to wait till after nine o’clock,” said Dad.

   Next Dad cuts and frosts the sweet rolls. I finish first cause I’m so excited because we are going to the Museum Of Inventions. I look at the clock in my bedroom it says eight thirty. It take five minutes to get out the house, twenty minutes for everybody to get ready, and thirty minute to get to the museum. We will have enough time to get to the museum.

    I get ready while I wait for them to finish breakfast. I go out to the kitchen and tell them to “HURRY UP!”

    “Give us time boy. We are all ready ready to go,” said Dad. 

    I replied “Then can we go?”

    Everyone finished chewing and said, “Yes!”.

    After we got in the car and dad was taking his grand old time. I was so tempted yell hurry up but I knew he would get very mad. When we are ten minutes to the Museum Of Inventions I say, “I wonder what’s going to be there?”.

    “Any inventions that are famous,” Mom and Dad answer in unison.

    When we get there I’m so excited I run up to the door and I’m so amazed at how many and how cool the inventions are. When Mom, Dad,and Elijah come in we go up to the top floor where the inventions that give you superpowers are.

    They are so big and cool I almost scream. The one at the very corner of the hall is the biggest and most coolest one of all. I run down the hall to get Elijah to show the invention. “Isn’t that so cool?” I ask Elijah. 

 “Yep!” Replies Elijah.

    I read the place that says what it is. It says that it is a time travel machine. I’m standing with my hands on the glass when the the glass disappears I fall in the exhibit and hit a button and it works.

    I transport to some factory and three people say “Hi! It’s nice to meet you,” in complete unison.

    I ask where I am and they say I’m in a place where inventions are made. I also ask names. One answers “Henry”. Anthor answers “Joey and that is Jack”. 

    Next they show me how to make an incredible invention. It is really hard. Next joey asks me, “Do want us to help you make an invention. 

    I think about it some then realize I’ve always wanted superpowers and now’s my chance. “Yes! I would love to! I want to make one that shoots superpowers,” I say.

   “Okay let’s get working,” Henry says. After a while go get three boxes full of parts and tools. It takes a long time to get the shooter part made. 

    Once we get the nozzles made we work on the part that gives you the power. After  that we make the base of it. Then we connect the part that gives you the power with the nozzle. Next we make the computer of it so you can choose  what power you get. We wire the machine after that. “Let me go get a poll to put the invention on,” said Jack.

    By the time Jack comes back every part on the machine is put together. Joey tells me, “Good job. Do you want to hook the poll up Mak?”

    “Sure!” So I do that then the machine is done.

     “Can you give me telacanicices and freeze breath?” I ask. 

     “Yah. Stand in front of the invention,” Jack says. So I stand in front of the machine and he blasts me. It is amazing. I try the powers out! They are amazing!

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I say. 

    “Your welcome,” they all say in unison.

    Joey says, “You know we have an invention school here? You can join too.”

    “I would love that,” I replied. 

    I go and it is amazing I probably made over 20 cool inventions in one week. I learned a bunch of new stuff that if the glass didn’t disappear I wouldn’t have learned. I love the school and I can stay there till I’m 25!


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