by L H, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

EYE BEAR:Once upon a time there was a man who had a cabin in the woods in Ohio and his name was Dr.Robert.  He was 24. He kept hearing scratching on his door he said, “What was that?”.
 He thought it was nothing, but he heard it again.  Then he thought that he was going crazy.He went back to bed, then he heard it again and this time he went to check it out.  He grabbed his gun and when he opened the door a BEAR jumped at him and got his eye. The bear ran off and  Dr.Robert put on a eye patch on. 
Chapter 1 IN THE MAKING: I am in the process of making of my invention.  It is called the feeder.  we tested it on a hamster.  it worked very well.  nothing happened to the hamster, it was fine.  it fed it well and the hamster lived a good life.  now let me get to the problem that came up. The feeder was too small. “Dang it!” I shouted, “It is too small”. 
Chapter 2 progress: “We need a medal pipe and... aaaaaaaa oh no, we forgot the water one.” my worker said.  
I said,“ Let’s get the feeder done.”  We got the feeder done, now we have to make the water feeder. “We need a medal pipe and glass and long strip of metal  and a metal  lid and a metal  lock. let’s put it all together, but let’s not put the lid on yet.  we need to fill it with water. 
Chapter 3 mom and dad: I asked my mom and dad if they wanted to help me with this problem with the bears the woods.  They said, “Yes, we would love to.”  my dad was very strong so he agreed because he was looking for a work out. 
(chapter 4)get in there: Me and my dad went in to town to grab planks of wood. After we got home with the planks of wood, we setted them on the ground next to a cave. We got the biggest fish that we could get  to try to make the bears to come to the cave. All the bears did come so we blocked cave up most of the way with the wood, thenwe threw the fish in the cave and blocked it the rest of the way up. 
The end (chapter 5)goodbye: We got the bears in the cave and we blocked it up, but  I think we should of put the feeders in first.   We cut holes so we could get the feeders in, it was a struggle. We had to make sure that the bears didn’t go out  of the cave.  We got the feeders in, but 4 bears came out!   But we got them back in. Now we have a worker come dally and check the water and food like you would do with your pets at home. We know that our worker will fill them so the bear don’t die.     The end

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