Without Grace Hopper

by Adriana , Grade 4, PA

     Have you ever heard of Grace Hopper? Well she invented the world’s first compiler the  A-0 system in 1952. Which led to the COBOL which means Common Business-Oriented Language the COBOL is a computer language. Grace Hopper was a hard working woman that completed amazing things that help people every day.
     Grace was born on December 9, 1906 in New York City. She was the oldest of all her siblings. Her siblings names were Mary and Roger. Her parents names were Mary Campbell Van Horne and Walter Fletcher Murray. They would say she was a curious girl and she was. When she was little she would decompose her nightlights and look at the parts.
      Grace Hopper went to New Jersey for preparatory education.  She tried to enter the Vassa college but was rejected for the first time. She couldn’t get in the Vassa college because she was not superior enough. Then she tried for a different college and got in the college.
     Yes, Grace Hopper has made some amazing accomplishments when she was young. Though when she got older she accomplished much more than getting into a few colleges and being a curious girl. Like she went into the US navy in 1943 and battled in World War II but before that in 1930 she got married to Vincent Foster but two years after she joined the navy they got divorced. After that she created the first compiler .Unfortunately Grace died in 1992 January 1st but she was a good age 85 that’s pretty old. She died in Arlington, Virginia and was put in the Arlington National Cemetery.
        As you can see Grace Hopper has had many awesome accomplishments. Even though she’s dead without her we wouldn’t have many things including internet. So what would it be like without Grace Hopper.

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