Slam Dunk!

by Izzy B, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Have you ever heard of of James Naismith?
Well, he invented the game of basketball. He invented it way back in 1891. The game of basketball is now a very popular sport that all ages can play. The word basketball means that it is a game played between to teams with five players and baskets (goals) are shot by throwing the basketball into the netted hoop.
James was born on November 6, 1861 in Mississippi Mills, Ontario by John and Margaret Naismith. He was the oldest son of Scottish immigrants who were named John and Margaret Naismith. His siblings were named Annie Naismith, and Robbie Naismith. After their grandmother died they were orphaned at a very very young age and early life and was they were brought to their aunt and uncle. They lived in Bennies Corner. He graduated from the Almonte High School in 1883. He was such a great gymnast that he won so many Wickseed medals.
James discovered basketball by loving outdoor games and was inventing it through his life. He loved playing hide-and-seek, catch and other games. He was also a Canadian-American sports coach. In 1898 the game of basketball was taught in the University of Kansas and James was a physical education instructor. They wanted the game of basketball to be named the “Naismith Game” but James refused and wanted the name to be “Basketball”.
He married Maude Evelyn Sherman in 1894 in Massachusetts. They had all of their five children together: Margaret Mason (1895-1976), Helen Carolyn (1897-1980), John Edwin (1900-1986), Maude Ann (1904-1972), and James Sherman (1913-1980). After that Maude Evelyn Sherman died in 1937 and he got remarried to Florence B. Kincaid. He had suffered from a really bad major brain hemorrhage. Then he died in the same of his brain hemorrhage at 78 on November 28, 1939, in Lawrence, Kansas.
Well that’s the inventor of basketball! Maybe you should try the game of basketball some day.

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