The enventer of the Ford

by Landon H, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Most people know what fords are like the cars and trucks like the F-150 and the explorer. There are many different cars and here is Henry’s life. Henry Ford was an American automobile manufacturer who created the Ford motel t car in 1908 and went on develop the assembly line made of prediction cars of all types of cars .To the model T to the modern F-150.
Childhood events
Henry’s first job was in Detroit at sixteen years old. And had five brothers and sisters in one house also he left his house to find a job around 15 and found one at 16 years old. 
Early life events and achievements 
Henry was born in 1863 July 30 in Michigan. Located nine miles out Detroit and had family work their and his brother was the head person of the dealer of the car shop in Detroit and in mid thirtys he worked in one and he sold one in a shop that was a model T.
Later life events and achievements 
Henry Ford died in 1947 age 83. Henry got a high Nazi metal award from Hitler for the cars he made for them but he is not a bad person even know that he got the highest Nazi award metal anyone could get even now he was not in war.  And Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had houses right next to each other and it is kind of weird because they are really smart and they lived right next to each other 
Here are my facts about Henry’s life his life as a child and about how he worked with All the cars like the motel T he made and the difference of the cars today and when he lived in 1863 to 1947 witch is a fair life 

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