The Biography of Mary Anderson

by Laura F, Age 9 , Grade 4, P.A

     The biography of Mary Anderson 
By:Laura Farrell
    Do you want to learn about Mary Anderson? If you do I can tell you all about the biography of Mary Anderson. She invented the windshield wipers and she was famous for that. When were the windshield wipers invented? In 1902 in a trolley car.
     She was born on February 19,to John C. and Rebecca Anderson. Mary’s father died when she was four. She had a brother in law. Also his name was G.P. Thornton.
      She was born in Greene county Alabama,at the start of the post civil war reconstruction. In 1893 she decided to move to Canada where she established a cattle,ranch,and a vineyard. She was hired to make the windshield wipers to keep precipitation off the windshield.
     She died when she was 87 in 1953, June 27,in Monteagle,Tennessee, at her summer home. Anderson resigned in Birmingham,where she continued to manage the Fairmont apartments until she died at 87 years old. Her funeral was conducted by Dr. Frank A Mathes at south highland and she was buried at Elmwood cemetery.
     That’s what I found about Mary Anderson who invented the windshield wipers. With the overview paragraph,childhood events,early life later life and concluding with lots of fact about Mary Anderson.

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