Cat-ch Me Later

by Natasha L., Age 11 , Grade 4, PA

One day a adorable, loving cat was born. Day by day he saw his brothers and sister going to their homes, until he was left. Just him, alone, by himself. After months of being alone he was on the streets, he would have to dumpster dive for food, until one day a very nice old women brung him to her lovely home. She was alone just like he was, but now they both had a friend. She named him Clarence, he was very nice. She left sometimes, so Clarence was bord. Then he thought, and thought, and thought until “I can invent something!” But he didn’t know what to invent. He decided to go to a junk yard to collect some things, then he went home and looked at everything he had got. He had a few cardboard boxes,rusty metal scraps, old paint, a box of busted up nails, duct tape, glass bottles, orange juice caps, unused pop, a fish bowl, and a bunch of other things. Then he about what he could make with what he had. “I could make a… a… a…,” “Ouch!” Clearance had stubbed his toe on a rock, “I got it, a rocket!” Then he got to work. Every day he worked from sunrise to sunset, until he got farther and farther and farther until he was finished, “Finally! After months of building I’m done!” He used the glass bottles for levers and the orange juice caps for buttons, and the whole thing was made out of the metal and nails. But there were a few problems there was a hole for a window but no window, so he got some plastic wrap and wrapped it and he had a window! He needed protection in space so he took the fish bowl and put it on his head, “Perfect!” he though, but the rocket still didn’t move he had old paint, and some unused pop, “Hmm…” “I got it! I can shake the pop, take off the lid and…BLASTOFF!” So he tied the pop to the rocket shook the bottles and BOOM? It barley made it above the ground, then he though “ What could make the rocket go height into the air?” Then he left went to the store and came back. Then he took the mentos that he got at the store

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