Time travel

by Alyssa B, Age 9 , Grade 4, PA

Once upon a  time there was a boy named Donny.  Donny and  his family just moved to California. Donny had a brother and sister, Adam and Lizzie.  They also had a mom and a dad. It was Donny’s first day of school. Donny did not have many friends since he just moved. 
Donny was shy and scared he did not know where everything was and he did not know his classmates. Donny saw Adam and Lizzie made friends already. Donny found out that Adam was in his class. Donny had a  good first class which was writing. 
The teacher for writing, Mrs. White, said,  “You did a good job in writing today.”
 “Thanks, Mrs. White.”
Next was reading, but Donny did not like reading at all. 
Finally, the bell went off.  Time for recess!
 Donny,Adam,Lizzie went home. Their mom and dad asked, “ Howwas your day at school?”
“ It was a good day at school, mom,” said Adam and Lizzie. 
“What about you Donny?” said mom.
“It was ok.” 
At dinner their dad asked,  “Did you find any friends at school today?”
They all screamed yes or no. 
“Who said no?” Asked dad. 
 “l did.”
“But, Donny I saw you with Jack and Abby at lunch.” Said Adam.
 “Oh yeah,  they are my science buddies. We are making something for our science project. We can not tell everyone.”
The next day at school it was NNI and we were working on our project.   It was a time travel machine. The bell rang because  it was time for lunch. “I am glad that it is lunch time!” Said Donny. “ After lunch it was science we were working on our time travel machine. We are all most done with the time travel machine.”
On Friday Donny and his friends were finally done with the time travel machine  and it was time to share what they made. 
“We made a time travel machine,and  it can go back in time!” they said at the end of science.
After school the time machine was making weird noises like shaking and clanging. The teacher, Miss Yaple turned it off because it was shaking. The next morning when 
Miss Yaple went in the time travel machine was in pieces.
That  day in science class Donny saw their  invention and it was in pieces He was crying because it was broken. They still got their grade and they got an A+.  
“ I am glad that we got a A+ for our machine,” Donny said. 

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