Garrett Morgan's awesome life

by Elijah M, Age 10 , Grade 4, PA

Garrett Morgan's Awesome Life
   A Biography About Garrett Morgan
INTRODUCTION:   Did you know that Garrett Morgan invented two things? Both of his inventions were created in Cleveland, Ohio. Both of the inventions that Garrett Morgan invented help us every day. The first thing he invented was a three way traffic light. This helps us know when we have to stop or if we have to slow down or just keep going. The second thing he invented was a gas mask. This device helps you when you need to do something but it smells or it is not good for you to breath in or when you need to cut wood and sawdust is everywhere. At first he thought it was a sleeping device but he changed his mind and made it a gas mask.
   CHIDHOOD: Garrett Morgan was born in Paris,Kentucky on March 4 1877. He was the seventh of eleven children. When he was in his  mid teens he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to find a job.  While he was down there he made his first invention and his  last invention. Both of the inventions help us a lot and we use them every day. One of the inventions help us when we drive. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed a 3 way traffic light then you are correct. The other one helps us breath. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed a gas mask then you are correct 
 EARLY LIFE:  Garrett Morgan became famous when he made two gas masks. Those were the first inventions that he made. The other way that he got famous was when he made the 3 way traffic light. Both of these inventions we use every day.
  LATER LIFE:  Garrett Morgan died on July 17, 1963. He kinda knew that he was going to die. He lost his sight one day,  then he passed. Even though he passed away we will all remember him.
CONCLUSION:   This is how Garrett Morgan’s life was and how he lived. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope that I taught you something new.

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