High School

by Ashley, Age 13 , Grade 7
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

What’s going on? I feel like I can’t even control my own feelings. It’s like everything I thought life would be like is the complete opposite. High school is worse than you think because people are always thinking that they are better than you and that they have all the power over you. Well, that’s how I feel. It’s terrible.

Every day I come into school trying to tell myself that I’m going to have a good day, but that never happens. Once I enter into school and go to my locker, it already starts. I get stared at up and down by almost everybody, even my own friends. You have no idea what it’s like to have even your best friend make fun of you, not trust you, not talk to you at all when she’s around her crush, and most of all when she is with the popular kids.


Another reason why I hate high school is because my grades are slipping   really badly. I have three F’s two D’s and one C. I have no idea how in the world I am going to bring them up by the end of the school year. Which is in two weeks. My parents are going to ground me for the rest of my life.

Back to talking about my parents. Every day when I get home I come home to parents arguing and yelling at each other. It’s once in a blue moon when I am able to come home when there is nobody there.

I came home one day and this red truck drove by and smiled and looked at  me. It was Trey! Trey is my crush. He plays football, basketball, and baseball!  But the weird thing is when we are at school`is he looks at me weird.

A week later I pulled in the driveway and he drove by and stop pulled in. I asked why he was here? He told me that he was sorry for looking at me weird at school. I told him that it was ok but I knew that on the inside I hated him deeply for doing that. But there we were, at the end of my driveway sitting on the tailgate of his truck, in awkward silence. I am starting to think that he likes me, but I’m not sure. Then his mom called him and asked him where he was and that he needed to get home A.S.A.P.. So then he had to leave.

After he left it felt like I had a thousand butterflies in my stomach.  I was hoping that the next day he wouldn’t look at me weirdly. I wonder if he would come back tomorrow. The next day at school he came up to me and said sorry he had to leave so fast. I asked was everything ok? He said that his little brother was having trouble breathing and he had to watch his other brother and sister.  

“Is he ok?”

“Yea he will be fine.”

It was that afternoon he stopped by and gave me his number. I texted him later that night. We talked for hours. He said if he wanted to go out and watch a movie that night.  It went really well!

Two months later we talk everyday.  We had gone out about ten times. Then he finally asked me out. We were at the drive in movies and he said that I was pretty and he wanted to kiss me. I told why don’t you? He kissed me!!!! I had felt like a million bucks after. He kissed me  again. I thought i was going to die! I have never been this happy. I felt like he was the one even tho we been dating for this five min.

We went to a few parties with his friends that weekend. His friends were really nice. I made some friends with some of the cheerleaders.  Told me i should tryout for cheerleading. Trey told me to go for it.

Few weeks later i'm at cheer tryouts. I thought I stood out.  I did!!! I made the team i was one of the best. I was caption! Trey made the football team like always. He is caption this year! I can’t wait for this season.

It was are first game. We were playing against War Bulls. It was half time. Trey had made two touchdown in the first half. We were winning 25-17.  We won 30-20!

We had practice for cheer at 10am on Saturday. Morgan are other flyer fell and broke her arm. So it is only me and Amy. are back up flyer Kelly is ok but she  begood for football. Trey and I went out on a date last night. It was amazing! I couldn't believe that he took me to Roses. It was my favorite restaurant. I use to always go with my grandma before she died. He told me that he remembered me talking about it. He wanted me to have a good night.


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