The Bear and the Child

by Kailey M., Age 13 , Grade 8, New Kent Middle School, New Kent, VIRGINIA USA
Teacher: Sarah Hodges

The Bear and the Child

There once was a child that lived in the woods. She is an orphan child, who was taken in by the animals, who raised her as their own. She grew up only understanding the way of the animals, and when other humans found her, they took her away to an institution to teach her how to live as a human. She longed to go back to the animals, they weren't like the humans, they didn’t destroy everything they touched.

One day, a couple, around the age of thirty, had seen her, and they adopted her. They knew this little girl’s whole story, and they felt horrible about how she was taken away from the only family she knew. One day, that family decided to take her back to the vast, green forest where she was found, and they saw the animals waiting for her. They waited for her as if they knew that she was going to find someone who would bring her back to the place she loved oh, so much.

“Wow,” the woman hesitated, “Look at that great bear! I really don’t think we should let her back to such a dangerous animal.”

“It’s okay, Helen,” the man said, “They aren’t attacking, they remember her, and wish to take her back home.”

As he said that, the small girl started crawling her way back to the great, black bear. The bulky bear stayed on his four, large paws, waiting for her to stand. Stand she did, when she stood, she walked clumsily to him. She placed her small, fragile hand on his huge, soft head, and he seemingly welcomed her back to where she belonged.

“Look at that, James,” Helen said, amazed, “Aspen really looks at home here.”

“She certainly does,” James agreed, with a broad, warm smile on his face, “I’m happy she found her real family.”

Aspen, the small girl who was named after the tree she was found under, was scooped up by the large, peaceful bear, and they slid through the trees. They were to never be seen again, but the couple knew that the wonderful girl is now living happily with her real family.


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