Fortnite Solo Squads

by Ryan C., Age 13 , Grade 8

Yesterday, I got on Fortnite to play with Treyvon, Kimonte, and Timothy. They were all playing GTA, so I decided to play a quick warm up game. When I play by myself, I always play solo squads, so I did just that. As they got off of GTA I realized that I was in the top 30 with 4 kills. I was playing against teams of up to 4, so I decided to stay back until it was just me and another team left.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, I was getting antsy, and I knew that I had to go ahead and win. There were three people left, and 1v2’s were pretty easy. I built up from to the high ground and saw one of them. Luckily for me, they were spread apart. I killed the first one with two shots, and then built a base. I made sure that the last person wasn’t trying to revive his teammate, and figured out where he was. His biggest mistake was him not building a full base. I saw the stairway that he was sitting on and shot my sniper at him. I missed and quickly got out my assault rifle. Originally, I tried to shoot down his stairs, but he peeked his head. I hit my only 4 shots and won the game!


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