Four Deadly Work

by Maggie, Age 13 , Grade 7, Richmond, VIRGINA USA

Four Deadly Words

It was late one night and I was busy typing an essay for class when my computer froze. I smacked the monitor and groaned. Computers are so annoying when they freeze. Suddenly, the screen turned to black and four words appeared.


I didn’t quite understand what that meant but I didn’t have much time to think about it before someone knocked on my door. “Come in,” I replied. A split second later, I regretted my decision.

A tall man stalked in. His hair was greasy and gelled back. His molten eyes burned through mine and his smile, it was the smile of the devil.

He took a step towards me but I stayed in my seat. “Who are you?” I asked, trying not let my fear show in my voice. The man took another step towards me. I sat up so that, if the time came, I could run. Finally, he answered, smirking with his hideously scarred lips.

“I am Viktor Shackleton. I’m quite offended you don’t know me, Gerry.”
How did he know my name? I gulped and asked. He cackled. “I am the man on your computer.”

I glanced back at my laptop and saw that the words were gone. In replacement, there was a cartoon heart along with the percentage 30% in the middle.

“What’s the percentage for?” I asked. Viktor looked disappointed when I asked.

“You’re not as smart as I thought you were. Oh well, I guess I should tell you. It represents how far in the conversation I am. When it reaches 100%, I have to leave; errands to run.” He laughed. “Don’t grow up Gerry; it’s not fun,” he joked.

I decided to ask what had been nagging at me ever since he came. “Why are you here?” I asked.

Viktor clicked his tongue and smirked. “You haven’t figured that out either? Oh, Gerry. It’s something I need to deliver.”

It clicked right then and there. Viktor, a big, dark, brute of a man was in my room, waiting to deliver something. I severely doubted that he was a milkman.

I slowly backed away from my desk, keeping my eyes on him the entire time.

“Where are you going, Gerry? Something come to mind?” he asked, taking another step towards me.
“Yeah,” I said suspiciously. He began to pull something from his belt and I gulped. It was a knife!
Viktor shook his head, twirling the knife with his fingers. “Sorry I have to do this, Gerry.” He said. He sure didn’t look like he was regretting pulling a knife at me.

He leaped and grabbed my arm as I tried to jump away. “Oh no, you’re not getting away.” I felt the cold knife press against my, skin. “Think on your sins, Gerry.” Before I could scream, it pierced through my neck. The last thing I remember was his crazed laughter, filling the room.


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