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A Long Walk yo Water

by Gwen P., Age 12 , Grade 7, Lexington, Lexington, MA USA
Teacher: GM

A Long Walk to Water

By: Gwen Patrissi

Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water is an easy-to-read book that surprises readers with an unexpected ending. This is a book where you would want to spend a day reading because of the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. The ending of the book will make you enjoy the book even more.  

A Long Walk to Water tells the story of the life of an 11 year old boy, Salva, who lives in South Sudan in a village with his family. This is not just a regular boy who lives with his family and goes to school, but soon turns out to be a hero for his village by simply going to New York. He was in school until he heard gunshots being fired at his village where his family currently was. He ran and ran away until he was too far to hear the shots. Weeks later, he traveled on a train to New York by himself. Soon he created his own company and kept making water pumps for his village and then sending them.

The best part of the book was all of the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. For example, at the end of the book, it was a mystery who was sending the water pumps until Salva sent a letter to his village saying that it was him and he missed them. He became a hero to his village. This part of the book made me wish that the story was not over yet. Without this part, the plot would be plain.

This story is mostly for people who like intense books and stunning endings. This book is for people ages from around 10 and up. Once you pick up the book it is impossible to put down.


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