Big Sister

by Taylor F., Age 16 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Balsam Lake, WI USA
Teacher: Coleman

Four words, such a terrible meaning.

“I want to die,” she whispered. Her wrists were bleeding.

I didn’t know what to do but I hated seeing her cry.

I was too young, I didn’t understand her desire to die.

She leaned out of her screenless window and lit a cigarette,

She begged, “I’ll be okay, please don’t tell mom yet.”


Day after day, I was forced to witness her pain.

She couldn’t help the imbalance in her brain.

The doctors, the pills, it was all a burden.

She stopped eating, stopped laughing, she was so uncertain.

Broken and in pain, she couldn’t find strength.

She didn’t have an anchor, a person, or faith.


I wanted her to be happy, to live a life full of love.

At the time it couldn’t happen, her depression fit like a glove.

I love her, I do, but sometimes I feel livid.

She stopped trying, and that was vivid.

One day, one decision, that’s all it took.

The cops were in her room and she gave me a look.


She stood on her bed with a cord around her neck.

She laughed. Her life was a wreck.

They took her away and my heart was broken.

Why hadn’t I told my mom? I left her pain unspoken.

She still fights a battle, and a hard one I must say.

She combats depression and unease every single day.


Her life is happier, safer, and clean.

She’s older, maybe wiser. She is somewhere in between.

She came from a colorless, horrible place,

and turned into a person with a fresh happy-bubbly face.

She colored herself with lines, but they weren’t pretty.

Her vigor was locked away within a vacant city.


She felt the unease deep in her core;

She didn’t want to be alive anymore.

Years later, with an abundance of scars and a joyous smile,

She decided to stay; she wants to be here awhile.

She gathered her strength, her power, and her heart of glass.

Stomping her foot, she boomed, “This too shall pass.”

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