by Brandi S., Age 15 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Turtle Lake, WI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruehlow


            An aspect of my life that has helped shape who I am today is my work place: Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a daycare at the elementary school in Amery. The kids are always curious and each child has a very different personality, which has enabled me to practice and sharpen my skills of thinking on my feet or outside the box. It has caused me to become more social in and outside of work.

One hot summer day, ten kids were in line at the water fountain waiting patiently for their turn to fill up there water bottles. I noticed that one child was crying and asked what was bothering him. He replied, “I hate filling up water bottles, it takes like 4 years to get to the end of this line.” I responded by explaining to the child that we only have two water fountains and everyone needs to wait patiently. This showed me that sometimes the little differences in life can make all the difference on how smoothly someone’s day can run.

Another, example is when I was playing with a group of children outside when a child burst out with, “Miss Brandi!? Did you know that if you leave a watermelon in your bedroom overnight, it will turn into a pineapple the next morning?” I’ve learned that kids tend to say what’s on their mind, whether it’s about what they ate for breakfast, or how much they love petting babies.

My job plays a huge role in my happiness and pushing me forward throughout the day. I enjoy working even though it can be difficult at times. My favorite part of my job is interacting with the children and seeing how they make connections do to situations they are facing, and seeing how they react upon the situation.

Seeing how the children react deeply interests me because I would like to be a psychologist or counselor after I graduate especially in the spectrum of children or criminals.  Working at Clubhouse has pursued my dream in this field and I hope to continue working and achieving my goals/dreams.

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